Logo painted by Millie Anderson

The California Association of Porcelain Artists, Inc., was founded by Dorothy Todd in 1979 for Porcelain Painting and Public Education by the people who love the art. There are seven CAPA Groups plus Members-at-Large throughout California.


Benefits of Belonging to CAPA…

The purpose of CAPA is to improve its members both professionally and socially: to promote an awareness of the skills and possibilities in the decoration of china and glass: to develop ways to interest the public in the art of porcelain painting through education and exhibits in public places. CAPA has over 340 members in California and Nevada, representing eight individual groups and members-at-large. CAPA is managed by an elected Executive Operations Committee and a Board of Directors.

  1. A semi-annual CAPA Convention and Exhibit is held at various locations throughout the state. This event is open to all members and the public. By working together and using their own creative ideas, groups host the convention and exhibits. The hosting group earns 25% of the income from the event after expenses are paid. At each convention and exhibit, one can view the painted porcelain on exhibit, have the opportunity to watch teachers demonstrate, purchase china and materials, and meet vendors from all over the country. Members can participate in CAPA’s breakfast/business meetings, where installation of new officers takes place, and attend the banquet or the many other activities planned by the hosting group.  Each group shares its inspirations and creative ideas by exhibiting its members’ painted china at the convention and exhibit. During the convention, each group with 100% participation receives a $25.00 gift certificate from the Education Chairperson during the Convention.
  2. CAPA communicates with its members through four (4) newsletters a year. Reporters from each group submit articles concerning their groups activities, accomplishments, and upcoming events. This newsletter carries information about porcelain painting, artists’ studies, convention information and group shows and other activities.
  3. Video tapes purchased by CAPA are available for membership use through a loaning processing. The video library has many well-known porcelain artists teaching various subjects.
  4. CAPA Seminars of professional teachers (see links). China Painters ABC’s.
  5. CAPA Website with a wide variety of subjects on china painting, artists and clubs, most complete link page. Newsletters, slide shows,videos, and memorials.     
  6. The most rewarding benefit is meeting people from all over the State as well as other states with whom one can share camaraderie and fellowship, with like-minded people who also have an interest, and love, of painting on porcelain/china, glass, jewelry and dolls.